Bryant Park

While we were in Manhattan last week, among the many sights we saw, we stopped at Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library. Not only does Bryant Park put up a large ice rink for Christmas but they also have very many little shops. It really is a well-designed little park with many events throughout the year.  This time of year, however, it is decorated for Christmas with a little Christmas Village.

The rink is quite nice, however, it is not your typical hockey ice rink. This ice rink has illuminated boards topped by a smooth white handrail. The facilities are nice. The shops are nice. The Christmas tree is nice. Other Christmas villages around the country could learn a thing or two from Bryant Park. 

Sheila and Adam are on line at one of the shops waiting for some French pastries and hot apple cider...

A penguin skate aid... some of the adults could have used a skate aid too!

It still was not dark out when we left the park but we were deep enough into dusk to see what the park looks like at night. I'm glad we swung by this park at dusk before heading for dinner and drinks because it was definitely worth seeing.